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Math Project

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509 Burnhamthorpe Road West #86 Unit 153
Mississauga, ON L5B 3C2

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Math Project is an accelerated math program that has transformed the way children view math, whether they start out far behind or already ahead. The single most important ingredient for the program’s success has been our strong focus on boosting a child’s motivation for Math, using our own teaching materials and engaging study techniques.

Contact Information

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Hours of Operation

Hours: • Mon-Thu 8 am-7:30 pm * Sat & Sun 8 am-7:30 pm * Fully online due to Covid 19. * Client can begin at any time of the year. Depending on the course and current grade, a child would start the program with two sessions a week. Each of these sessions is 25-minutes long and offered on a one-one-basis. Once comfortable with the study methodology, the child is smoothly transitioned to one 2.5 hour session every week. One-on-one Sessions – can be scheduled at a mutually convenient time.

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Payment Methods: Mastercard, Visa

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Year Established: 2020

Other / Notes

Eligibility: For Kindergarten-12, University prep * We accept students of any age to join Math Project. Some of our students began when they were only in kindergarten while others started only in high school. Our curriculum for each grade is well developed to cover any gaps in student’s knowledge no matter what grade level they begin at.
Application: To enroll: Call or text us at 1-844-628-4243 to book a free assessment. Once we have assessed the child for any learning gaps, our experts will advise you of the next steps.

Additonal Information

Accessibility: Not Applicable
Accessibility (Other): Online due to Covid 19



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