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North Norwich Pioneer Cemetery (Tompkin's Burying Ground)

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345705 Quaker ST
Norwich, ON

The earliest burial was in 1816. Many of the early settlers of the Township are buried here. The Norwich Quaker Settlement (Archaeological and Historical Sites Board of Ontario). In 1809, Peter Lossing, a member of the Society of Friends from Dutchess Co., New York, visited Norwich Township, and in June 1810, with his brother-in-law Peter DeLong purchased 15,000 acres of land in this area. That fall Lossing brought his family to Upper Canada and early in 1811 settled on this lot. The DeLong family and nine others, principally from Dutchess County, joined Lossing the same year and by 1820 an additional group of about fifty had settled within the tract. Many were Quakers, and a frame meeting hkouse, planned in 1812, was erected here in 1817. These resourcesful pioneers founded one of the most successful Quaker communities in Upper Canada. There is a list of Norwich families in the settlement.



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