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Cemeteries : Richwood Cemetery (Twp. Blandford-Blenheim) - Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.

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767413 Township 5 RD
Blenheim, ON

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After a Free Will Baptist Church was organized in Richwood n the 1840's, a rough cast meeting house was built in 1850, in the front part of the Richwood Cemetery. For many years, this was a free burial ground. Has been expanded to include the former School property. Owned by the municilpality and is considered to be an active cemetery according to By-law 971-93. A plaque was erected here in 1998 by descendents of the Kennedy family.

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Hours: • Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm

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Eligibility: ACTIVE Cemetery
Application: For more information on Oxford County cemeteries visit Ontario Genealogical Society:



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