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Cemeteries : Princeton Cemetery (Twp. Blandford-Blenheim) - Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.

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686853 Oxford 2 RD
Princeton, ON

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The cemetery was started in the early 1800s; fenced in 1930; a mausoleum was erected in 1967; and a portion of ground was blessed for use as a Roman Catholic Cemetery in 1954. Owned by municipality and is considered to be an active cemetery according to By-law 971-93. Colonel Thomas Horner, 1767-1834. Honours the pioneer settler of Blenheim Township (1795) who built the first saw and gristmills in what became Oxford County. Frederick Benwell, 1865-1890. Commemorates the young victim of Oxford's most infamous murderer, Reginald Birchall. Located 686853 Governor's Road or Old Highway # 2 (Oxford County Road # 2) on Lot 14 Concession 1 of Blenheim Township in Princeton.

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Eligibility: ACTIVE Cemetery
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