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Cemeteries : Pioneer Cemetery (Twp. Blandford-Blenheim) - Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.

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687677 Governors RD
Blanford-Blenheim, ON

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Stones from this abandoned cemetery have been gathered inside protective walls. The oldest burial stone has been dated to 1853. Owned by the municipality and is considered to be an abandoned (inactive) cemetery according to By-law 971-93. On this site stood the Christian Church 1848-1915 and in the surrounding land rest their dead. This cemetery is located on the Governor's Road (Highway # 2) at the Oxford - Brant County line, on Lot # 1 Concession # 1 of Blenheim Township.

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Hours: • Mon-Fri 8:30 am-4:30 pm

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Eligibility: INACTIVE Cemetery
Application: For more information on Oxford County cemeteries visit Ontario Genealogical Society:



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