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Heritage & Cultural Sites

1.22nd Battalion Boer War Monument (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
2.A Tribute to Farm Women
3.Aimee Semple McPherson Plaque (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
4.Barbara Ann Scott Plaque (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
5.Beachville Cenotaph (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
6.Beachville School Cenotaph (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
7.Bell with Historic Plaque - Otterville (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
8.Bernadette Smith Plaque (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
9.Black Settlement of Freed Families Plaque (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
10.Blandford School Monument (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
11.Brownsville Cheese Company Plaque (Cultural Heritage Data Rcd.)
12.Brownsville Community Centre
13.Brownsville Community Centre Park
14.Built in 1910 - Private Residence
15.Captain Andrew Drew House - Drew Cottage
16.Captain Andrew Drew Plaque
17.Chesterfield Cenotaph
18.Cody's Corner Cairn, Cody's Family Plaque
19.Cut Rose Plaque for Workplace Victims
20.David Start House
21.David Stock Caister's Tavern
22.Dereham School S.S. No.6
23.Descendents of Kennedy Plaque
24.Dixie Tribe Memorial Park Plaque
25.Donald M. Gibson Plaque

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