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SolarCrew is a network of experienced solar industry professionals, all working together to provide you the highest quality solar system at the most competitive price. Starting with an assessment of your home and business needs, the SolarCrew then looks after your solar contract application and approvals, system design, permits, installation and final hook-up and inspection. If necessary, the SolarCrew can also facilitate the financing for you. Our local installers are the best in their field. When you choose the SolarCrew, you are working with people in your own community and supporting local businesses.

Contact Information
Email Address:
Website Address: solarcrew.ca
Hours of Operation
Hours: • Mon-Fri 8 am-5 pm
• Sat by appointment only

Payment Types
Payment Methods: Cash, Pay Pal, Cheque
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Language: English
Area Served: Woodstock, Oxford, Ontario


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