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Otterville Park

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2 North St
Otterville, ON N0J 1R0

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2 North St
Otterville, ON N0J 1R0

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A 10 acre park located in the village of Otterville, featuring park land, tennis courts, historic dancehall pavilion, playground equipment, picnic shelter, pool and baseball diamond. A wonderful community park for summer family outings and picnics. The park features a 100-seat pavilion, suitable for small family gatherings and picnics during the spring/summers only; a great location, next to the Otterville Pool. Reached by footbridge over the Otter Creek. Land for the now ten-acre park was set aside in 1881. In 1907, a cannon from 1807 was donated by the federal government to commemorate Otterville's Centennial year. There are two plaques on the pool house walls. Otterville's Park also has basketball nets and walking trails. A cenotaph for the years 1914-1918 is located at the entrance to the park.

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Website Address: www.twp.norwich.on.ca


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